J.G.R. Ufkes

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J.G.R. Ufkes has published from 2000 upto 2006 at (or in association with) the University of Amsterdam (as found in the CRIS of the UvA for the years 2000 upto 2015 ) a total of 104 publications. The above histogram shows the different types and number of publications for this whole publication period at the University of Amsterdam.

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In 2000 J.G.R. Ufkes published thirty-nine articles, had one journal editorship and published one book - monograph . In 2001 J.G.R. Ufkes published thirty-six articles. In 2003 J.G.R. Ufkes published twelve articles. In 2004 J.G.R. Ufkes published seven articles. In 2005 J.G.R. Ufkes published six articles and published one book - monograph . In 2006 J.G.R. Ufkes published one article.


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Write Position

J.G.R. Ufkes published from 2000 upto 2015 a total of 101 UvA-articles with 50 or less co-authors.
8 unique co-authors in total with an average of 1 co-authors per article.

88 number of times sole author
13 number of times first author
0 number of times second author
0 number of times last author
Visualization of the write position of the 101 journal publications by J.G.R. Ufkes
The amount of credits for a certain Author position, also called write position, does differ by discipline. Some journals publish author names in alphabetical order. This is common practice by publications with many authors.