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J.M.A. Lange has published from 2000 upto 2014 at (or in association with) the University of Amsterdam (as found in the CRIS of the UvA for the years 2000 upto 2015 ) a total of 270 publications. The above histogram shows the different types and number of publications for this whole publication period at the University of Amsterdam.

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In 2000 J.M.A. Lange published thirty-seven articles. In 2001 J.M.A. Lange published thirty-nine articles and published one book editorship. In 2002 J.M.A. Lange published thirty-eight articles. In 2003 J.M.A. Lange published twenty-six articles and published one chapter. In 2004 J.M.A. Lange published thirty-eight articles. In 2005 J.M.A. Lange published thirty-six articles. In 2006 J.M.A. Lange published seventeen articles and published one chapter. In 2007 J.M.A. Lange published eleven articles. In 2009 J.M.A. Lange published three articles. In 2010 J.M.A. Lange published two articles. In 2011 J.M.A. Lange published two articles. In 2012 J.M.A. Lange published eight articles. In 2013 J.M.A. Lange published nine articles. In 2014 J.M.A. Lange published one article.

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Data are collected on altmetic.com (September 2015) based on publications found in the CRIS of the UvA (march 2015 update). Only publications in 2013 and 2014 are harvested.

14 mentions of a publication in Clinical infectious diseases (2013).
The immunomodulatory nutritional intervention NR100157 reduced CD4+ T-cell decline and immune activation: a 1-year multicenter randomized controlled double-blind trial in HIV-infected persons not receiving antiretroviral therapy (The BITE Study)
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7 mentions of a publication in PLoS One (2013).
State of affairs of tuberculosis in prison facilities: a systematic review of screening practices and recommendations for best TB control
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5 mentions of a publication in Journal of Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndromes (2013).
Efavirenz, in contrast to nevirapine, is associated with unfavorable progesterone and antiretroviral levels when coadministered with combined oral contraceptives
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3 mentions of a publication in AIDS Research and Human Retroviruses (2013).
Short Communication: Aging Not Gender Is Associated with High Atazanavir Plasma Concentrations in Asian HIV-Infected Patients
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2 mentions of a publication in The Pediatric infectious disease journal (2013).
Hepatitis B virus prevalence and vaccine response in HIV-infected children and adolescents on combination antiretroviral therapy in Kigali, Rwanda
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1 mentions of a publication in BMC Health Services Research (2014).
Perceptions of inhibitors and facilitators for adhering to hypertension treatment among insured patients in rural Nigeria: a qualitative study
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Album Academicum profile

Professor, Doctor Lange

First name(-s): Joseph Marie Albert
Professor, Doctor Lange obtained his pHd in 1987
(November 5).

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PhD student(s) and / or principal supervisor(s) of J.M.A. Lange

PhD student(s):
G.J. Weverling
E.H. Gisolf
R.H. Enting
M.H.E. Reijers
R.M.E. van Praag
A.M. Hill
M. van der Valk
F.W.N.M. Wit
S.U.C. Sankatsing
S. Autar
P.T. Nieuwkerk
F.C.M. van Leth
C.E. Zeh
J. van der Lugt
C.J. Duncombe
S.F.M. Van der Borght
N.J. Veldhuijzen
K. Pogany
J. Ananworanich
M. Casula
C.E. Baldwin
J.F.J.B. Nellen
S.H. Lowe
V.G. Valcour
H. Mayanja-Kizza
C.A. Hankins
S. Rulisa
M.E. Hendriks
N.T. Kancheva Landolt
A. Avihingsanon
A.R. Ramautarsing
N. Phanuphak

Write Position

J.M.A. Lange published from 2000 upto 2015 a total of 267 UvA-articles with 50 or less co-authors.
700 unique co-authors in total with an average of 7.04 co-authors per article.

6 number of times sole author
4 number of times first author
7 number of times second author
58 number of times last author
Visualization of the write position of the 267 journal publications by J.M.A. Lange
The amount of credits for a certain Author position, also called write position, does differ by discipline. Some journals publish author names in alphabetical order. This is common practice by publications with many authors.

WoS citations

Time span of publications analysed range from 2000 upto 2015.

9448 (WoS) citations to 216 publications
average 43.74 citations per publication
median: 22
max: 476

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The data shown here are based on the publications of the UvA-CRIS (May 2016) and the citations found in WoS. The citations to articles are ranked by number of citations. Zero times cited publications are not shown in the diagram. Updated September 5th 2016