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Find popular UvA journals, discover relations between scientists and groups and explore co-author networks ... it is possible with uva-view.nl

uva-view is in β (beta) phase

With uva-view.nl you can explore metadata of publications by the University of Amsterdam for the years 2000 upto 2019.

The data in uva-view is based on metadata of publications by the University of Amsterdam. This metadata is normalized and standardized at a higher level than 'normal' references to publications (publication metadata is most kwown as references). In uva-view you will not find complete reference lists of an author or institute. However you will find a neat representation and optimal linked overview of the 'meta' metadata.

It is possible to take various starting points (i.e. author, journal, institution) and different ways of viewing the data.

Various sources are used and linked: Pure (the university CRIS), Scholary Stats, journal evaluation data (2010), Worldcat, Web of Science, Narcis, Google Scholar, Researchgate etc.

View, explore, discover and ...

... realise science is not number of publications, citations and all kind of indexes. Science is to collaborate, discover and share. We hope uva-view.nl will help to discover the research landscape of the University of Amsterdam. Use uva-view to find relations among scientists, journals, institutes and so on.

www.uva-view.nl is not developed to evaluate researchers and not suitable for it either.

Visualise co-author relations

Authors can be viewed in relation to their co-authors

Co-author diagram

Click on the spider web icon in the Author view page (People)

Co-author diagram


You can e-mail: info@uva-view.nl

uva-view.nl tries to give an overview of scientific activities of the UvA-scientists. If you notice some omssions, suspect errors or want to let us know anything else: please e-mail us.

uva-view.nl shows just a glance of the data avialable, the database 'behind' uva-view may be of use for additional questions you may have.